Color&Care Collection

Hi girls!

Today I'm showing you the new Deborah Milano Color&Care collection and I have a nail art tutorial for you! 

First there are four new nail care items, the Ultra Stay base, the Quick Cuticle to remove your cuticles and two new topcoats, one is a Speed Dry topcoat that's dry in 30 seconds and the other one gives your nail a glossy 3d look. 

There are also 8 new colors to choose from! 

Step 1: Apply the Ultra Stay Base primer as your base to protect your nails from getting stained and to make your manicure last longer.

Step 2: Apply Oil & Color number 01 on your nail and let it dry

Step 3: Apply water in a tiny cup and put a few drops of nailpolish in it, 2 or 3 are more than enough depending how big your cup is 

Step 4: Use a spray bottle and put some alcohol in (you can get it at hobbystores or drugstores). Don't hold the bottle too close and spray once, if you think the spots are too small spray again untill you like the design. 

Step 5: Dip your nail in and clean the nailpolish around your nail with a cotton tip and nailpolish remover

Step 6: I've applied one layer of the 3D topcoat and then added a stud to make the manicure a bit more glamorous

Step 7: To finish the manicure I applied the speed dry topcoat, now I can enjoy my nails! 

Hope you like it! 



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